Monday, August 13, 2012

The Wrap

An update on all things enjoyable from the past week or so.

Last week flew, and yet, seemed so long and so long ago. Wednesday I got back from a little vacay in the Florida Keys (I'll post some photos this week), and spent the remainder of the week being absorbed by the Olympics and getting comfortable with my new "home". While I already miss the Olympics (and the excuse they provide to veg in front of the tv all day), I am excited for what I am determined to make a productive week. Here are a few of the things - mostly nails and food! - that kept me smiling in last weeks' downtime.

{snack time: fruit + nutella}

{freshly-painted toenails, in Essie's "e-nuf is e-nuf"}

{yes, that all belongs to one tree trunk}

{the moon cookies that I ate way too many of... see tomorrow's post for the deets}

{more nails: a multi-tonal pinkish hue I created myself}

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