Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Florida Keys I

Lobster Diving! 

Ahoy, mate! Before this trip I had never been to the Gulf of Mexico. Or been lobster diving. Actually, I had never even tried lobster before (this is the sort of depravity that happens when you grow up in a landlocked state). But it was time for an adventure, and man, it was a great one!

The purpose of the trip was lobster diving. While I did not actually partake in the catching, I had a VERY important task: throwing the net to the boys as they needed it. I tell you what, it is harder than it sounds. But anywho, I performed my task well enough to say I contributed! In the end, we successfully caught a bunch of lobster and a grouper (that's a fish)...and got caught in a terrible storm out at sea...and beached our boat (looking back, I wish I would have been snapping pictures at that time rather than pushing!). Pretty awesome, right?

{boating is hard work, so it's a good thing they fed me! seriously one of the best sandwiches ever, and we didn't even have any mayo!}

{dragging behind the boat so I could see some fish...because if you're going to go to the gulf, you MUST get in and swim with the creatures}

{the catch: a bunch of lobster and a grouper. don't worry, I didn't actually touch any fish guts} 

{lesson of the trip: humans only eat the tails. poor little guys. but I feel better knowing they tasted good!}

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