Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Clever Case

So here's the sitch: I don't have a cool iPhone. Which means that I can't find super sweet phone cases. But fear not: I can still be glam with my Samsung. How, you ask? This, I tell you:

Feeling inspired, I took a trip to the craft store and picked out some ribbon (glittery, of course). Then with a lot of tape (and I mean A LOT) and a little love...

Wait, allow me to back up a pinch. I simply cut the ribbon into pieces, wrapped it around the back of the case and then secured it on the inside via tape, like so:

Not bad, huh? But I knew I could do better. Take two:

Again, not bad. But still I wasn't crazy about it. So I decided less is more, and am proud to say that I have kept the third (and final) design for a whole whopping week. I love the simple pop of color, texture and shine...such a perfect way to end the summer. 

P.S. - Since I'm sure you're wondering, I have more ribbon for fall... ;} 

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