Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hot & Naked Pasta

Have you ever been to a restaurant (such as Spaghetti Works...yum!) that serves "hot and naked" pasta? If not, well know this: it's my favorite! Hot and naked is just and "naked" - meaning it is not doused in one of your typical pasta sauces. It's just pasta in a light concoction of Italiany nothingness. Aaannnnndddddd, it's cheap and easy-peasy to make! Here's how (you're welcome in advance ;}):

What you'll need:
- pasta (I'm partial to shells, but any shape will work)
- olive oil
- butter
- some spices you like (I'm a sucker for oregeno, so I combined that with pepper and garlic salt )
- parmesan cheese (optional)

Alright folks, let's make some pasta! That's what you do first: make pasta, like normal. Then, when your pasta is cooked to al dente perfection, just starting mixing it with your other ingredients. Add a pinch of this here and a dash of that there until you create the most amazing nothing sauce. And then eat. That's it! Super yummo pasta that's hot and naked and light yet filling and pretty much all-around fantastic. 

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