Monday, November 19, 2012

The Wrap

Well hello there folks! Can you believe it is Thanksgiving week? I am flabbergasted that finally I can say "it's the holidays"! I love this time of year...the malls are decorated with over-sized Christmas decorations, public places are starting to throw in a Christmas song or two, people are starting to string up Christmas lights, and there are holiday inspired treats and scents to be found everywhere.

So here you have it, an update on all things enjoyable that I'm thankful for this past week or so.

{an awesome note some strangers left on my car}

{a Starbucks date, complete with sweets and a gingerbread chai}

{a super fantastic view on a fun night out}

{nothing like a not-so-healthy late night snack with friends}

{and last, but most certainly not least, an ode to the struggle of a loved one to keep cherished memories close by}

Happy Thanksgiving week!

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