Sunday, April 28, 2013

Operation Decoration

So we are currently in the process of transforming our new apartment into a home... I can't wait for it to truly feel like ours, complete with decorations and eccentric things that showcase who we are. We already have a GIANT Florida Gators flag hanging above the TV (the "mancave"), which is a start, but until lately I've been struggling to feel inspired about how to us-ify our space. BUT, after a very productive coffee shop session and large amounts of caffeine, creativity finally struck. Here are some of the pins that aided me in my decorating revelations (Pinterest, I owe you one):

The pins, in case you want them for your boards, too:
1. canopy
2. random chair
3. giant world map
4. mirror
5. quote/lyrics
6. trinkets on a rope
7. sheet-art

Peas, Pans, + Pretty Flowers

It's spring! Yahoo!

A little life update from me to you, with love (sorry I've been such a slacker):

{OBSESSED with the cherry blossoms. gorgeous. and smell delicious.}

{I'm always so productive at coffee shops. and inspired. and creative. no clue why. but I love it.}

{the most adorable salt & pepper shakers ever, compliments of my BFF}

{other obsession: walking. not really for exercise purposes, but for exploring. can't seem to get enough}


{so, our pans had a rough time traveling to us via mail. but hey, they still cook the same, and I sort of enjoy their new-found quirkiness}

{patriotism is everywhere here, even in the bison burgers. pretty sure they tasted better with the extra American pride, too.}