Friday, September 28, 2012

Beach Casual

Here's a tip. Trying adding something unexpected to your outfit. Like edgy shoes with a girly outfit (my favorite!), a bow in your hair with an edgy outfit (another favorite), a bright scarf with a neutral outfit, mixed-and-matched patterns, or in this case, a jean vest over an otherwise uber casual outfit. 

As silly as it may seem, I loved this outfit. I was in a comfy mood and refused to change out of my boyfriend's shirt. But I didn't want to look like a slob. And it was one of those sporadic rain sort of days, so I knew rainboots were going to be needed (and trust me, those things are hard to coordinate with). So I threw on some distressed jean shorts, pulled my hair back into a pony, and added some stud earrings. But it just felt sloppy. That's when I added the jean vest. And you know what? It just felt right. I felt I was going out in an outfit with purpose, but still with a casual, just-thrown-together feel. It was perfect for getting ice cream, ducking in and out of souvenir shops, and -- the best part -- prancing around on the beach looking for shells (and a random piece of coral!).

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Some Lovely Things

Here are a few of the [many] things brightening up my world lately, including a super adorable marriage proposal I saw on Pinterest!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Personal Touches

Lately I've been really into little craft projects...renovating things I already own and creating new pieces that I can't wait to display in a future place of my own. My favorite part about these little thingamajigs is that they're so personal: handwritten with quotes that either guarantee a smile, invoke inspiration, or have sentimental value. While I still have a bunch I plan to do, here are my recent successes. :}

#1: an annoyingly plain glasses case turned portable inspiration, thanks to a black Sharpie and some of my favorite go-get-em quotes

#2: a much-needed resurfacing for a tarnished, cheap necklace, thanks to some glittery gold nailpolish

#3: some decorations I've been making...little tidbits written on canvas boards with Sharpies

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Masterfully Messy

Hello there friends. So here's the thing: I had a random thought that maybe bobbi pins aren't everyone's best friends. Let me explain. My fine hair holds bobbi pins like they were meant for each other, but I know that some hair types do not hold them as well. A little while back I posted an up-do how-to that featured only bobbi pins. To help out those who need a little more than just some pins (and for me to wear to work!), I updated the 'do with a more secure foundation. 

First, put your hair in a pony, being sure to NOT pull your hair all the way through the last time, like so:

Then, smash the mass of hair against your head...

And then start pinning! I pinned random sections until it felt secure, then checked it out to find any pieces I missed. The result? A masterfully messy up-do that will stay in place. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Wrap

An update on all things enjoyable from the past week or so.

{a super fun day at the beach and the super cool piece of coral I found}

{cozy, inviting, chic seating at my new favorite Starbucks}

{soup + salad = best combo ever...and it's from Panera, even better}

{my new little journal, necessary since I always write then lose little notes to myself}

{a new discovery...and seriously every bit as amazing as they say}

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Fashion Inspiration

I have been doing some serious shopping day dreaming lately. I need a zillion more paychecks before I can actually go out and get the things I have convinced myself I must until then it will continue to be a massive online browsing campaign. Here are some of the fall looks that I'm dying to create, and thus will serve as inspiration as I stare into my closet when I swear I've got nothing to wear. 

{naughty + nice}

{fall perfection: tights, boots, fur}

{stripes + sequins}

{comfy chic: oversized sweater, tights, booties}

{boyfriend jeans, amazing booties, a major bag}

{layers, layers, layers: huge scarf, tight pants, triple tops}

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lustrous Locks

[an at-home remedy... get ready to get your DIY on]

I have a confession. I LOVE at-home hair recipes. I won't bother to tell you how much (it's a lot) because it could take awhile. So here, before I run off on a tangent, is one of my favorites: a recipe for soft, shiny, healthy, faster-growing hair. I did it at night, then woke up to these pretty strands:

All you need are two egg yolks, two tablespoons of olive oil and some water. Sounds gross? Well it does feel a little that way when you're swishing your fingers around in it. But hey, it works. And it's an awesome excuse to wear a shower cap. So just mix the stuff together, massage it into your hair (scalp and roots, but especially scalp) and let it sit for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then hop in the shower. NOTE: I would recommend shampooing your hair after doing this or your hair will come out on the greasy be sure to plan this accordingly with your shampoo schedule (shampoo schedule? what am I talking about? check out my shower tips here).

NOTE: the original recipe calls for a whole cup of water. I have decided that is too much. Not only does it make the mixture too runny, making it even more difficult than it already is to get into your hair, but it also dilutes the mixture, making it less effective in my opinion.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pizza Rollups

I LOVE PIZZA. It's just so yummers in my tummers.  So when I saw this little recipe (you can find the original here) I knew I had to try it. You know what's funny? I made this recipe (and was excited about it all day) even though I ate pizza the night before for supper. Oopsies. But hey, it's not unhealthy if it's "homemade" right?!

1 can of crescent rolls
4 mozzarella cheese sticks, halved
pepperoni (optional)
pizza sauce for dipping (optional)

Preheat oven to 350. Lay out crescent rolls on a cookie sheet, then top with half a cheese stick and some 'ronis if you want. Roll those little thingers up and pop 'em in the oven. Cook for 10-12 minutes. Then eat.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Wrap

An update on all things enjoyable from the past week or so.

{random date night fun}

{let the "Football Saturdays" begin...}

{sometimes you just need chocolate chip cookies}

{paint chips I picked up and cannot wait to find a way to use}

{cutest froyo spoon ever}

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Florida vs. Texas A&M II

- Continued from yesterday - 

{tailgating right outside the stadium}

{ah-mazing view of College Station from our seats}

{the restaurant on our final night: the Oasis in Austin... no doubt the neatest restuarant}

{the view of Lake Travis from our table}

{awe.... ;)}

{I've decided I will be retiring here}

{dinner and a show... pretty sunset over a pretty view}

{the courtyard of the restaurant lit up at night}

{and this...whatever it is, it's super neato}

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Florida vs. Texas A&M I

I'm back! This past weekend was terrific... yummy food, a return to Texas (man, I've missed it sooo much!), hanging out in Austin (the coolest city ever), a mini tailgating reunion, a great football game (and a victorious one at that!), much-cherished time with some of my dearest friends, and a breathtaking view at a super sweet restaurant on our last night. If I wasn't so exhausted, I'd be begging to go back again this weekend (however, I've decided my fatigue is a fantastic sign of a weekend well-spent). 

{cute little planes at the Fort Lauderdale airport}

{completely empty parking lot at hotel #1...creepy?!}

{no words...}

{best chai EVER, from Austin Java}

{yes, they brought their coozies to the restaurant. they take this whole school spirit thing VERY seriously}

{I want this giant star light for my future house!}

{Barbara Bush's rose garden}

Come back for more tomorrow!