Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Florida vs. Texas A&M I

I'm back! This past weekend was terrific... yummy food, a return to Texas (man, I've missed it sooo much!), hanging out in Austin (the coolest city ever), a mini tailgating reunion, a great football game (and a victorious one at that!), much-cherished time with some of my dearest friends, and a breathtaking view at a super sweet restaurant on our last night. If I wasn't so exhausted, I'd be begging to go back again this weekend (however, I've decided my fatigue is a fantastic sign of a weekend well-spent). 

{cute little planes at the Fort Lauderdale airport}

{completely empty parking lot at hotel #1...creepy?!}

{no words...}

{best chai EVER, from Austin Java}

{yes, they brought their coozies to the restaurant. they take this whole school spirit thing VERY seriously}

{I want this giant star light for my future house!}

{Barbara Bush's rose garden}

Come back for more tomorrow!

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