Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Personal Touches

Lately I've been really into little craft projects...renovating things I already own and creating new pieces that I can't wait to display in a future place of my own. My favorite part about these little thingamajigs is that they're so personal: handwritten with quotes that either guarantee a smile, invoke inspiration, or have sentimental value. While I still have a bunch I plan to do, here are my recent successes. :}

#1: an annoyingly plain glasses case turned portable inspiration, thanks to a black Sharpie and some of my favorite go-get-em quotes

#2: a much-needed resurfacing for a tarnished, cheap necklace, thanks to some glittery gold nailpolish

#3: some decorations I've been making...little tidbits written on canvas boards with Sharpies

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