Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Masterfully Messy

Hello there friends. So here's the thing: I had a random thought that maybe bobbi pins aren't everyone's best friends. Let me explain. My fine hair holds bobbi pins like they were meant for each other, but I know that some hair types do not hold them as well. A little while back I posted an up-do how-to that featured only bobbi pins. To help out those who need a little more than just some pins (and for me to wear to work!), I updated the 'do with a more secure foundation. 

First, put your hair in a pony, being sure to NOT pull your hair all the way through the last time, like so:

Then, smash the mass of hair against your head...

And then start pinning! I pinned random sections until it felt secure, then checked it out to find any pieces I missed. The result? A masterfully messy up-do that will stay in place. 

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