Friday, August 10, 2012

Simple Staples II

- Continued from yesterday -

Welcome back. We’re talking about those things you just have to have. While it is obviously important to own pieces you are sure you will love today and tomorrow, you also need to make sure they fit properly and can be combined with other items in your wardrobe for endless possibilities. Don't be afraid to try a size up to get the fit you want and make friends with a local tailor. You should also play dress up in your closet (BEFORE removing the tags) to make sure your "staples" will live up to their purpose. Happy shopping!

1. a casual, neutral blazer in a borrowed-from-your-boyfriend fit: for work or play, use it to keep warm and look cool. the trick: a loose, easy fit

2. an oversized gold watch: arrive fashionably but not late. the trick: again, a borrowed-from-the-boy style

3. sexy, white jeans: wear them year round for a chic and white-hot look. the trick: a tight fit

4. boots: any color, any size, any style, just make sure you have a pair you love to add some rock ‘n roll to any look. the trick: a pair you can walk in like as if you were barefoot. other than that, just make sure they’re awesome

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