Thursday, August 9, 2012

Simple Staples

Staples. Things a girl MUST have in her closet (and if not, here’s your excuse for a shopping trip... you’re welcome!). They come in handy when trying to make the perfect look, or just when you swear you have nothing to wear. The trick is looking for sworn-by styles and fits. Keep in mind that these are meant to be BASICS - pieces that you can [successfully] pair with almost everything else you own.

1. a sheer white blouse: you can seriously wear it with anything, layered under another piece or leave it as the focal point. the trick: long-sleeved (roll ‘em up or leave ‘em down for year-round possibilities)

2. loafers: you can dress them up or down, with pants, shorts, a skirt or a dress. the trick: a neutral color

3. fun shorts in a sophisticated cut: wear them to the office or out on the town, in the winter with tights or in the summer to stay cool. the trick: fitted at the waist and a little bit flowy everywhere else

4. statement skinny belts: keep your pants on, add some flare to your look and accentuate your waist. the trick: colors and patterns

More to come tomorrow!

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  1. I have none of these! (Maybe one skinny silver belt). I will HAVE TO shop this weekend. :) Thank you!!!


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