Friday, August 31, 2012

A Little Gleam of White

Sometimes I feel stressed when my nails aren't painted. I know...totally normal. Feeling bold, I decided to get a little wild with this one, shooting for a single stripe, and of course, glitter. 

After painting my nails taupe, I used painter's tape to section off a small strip on the outside of each nail once the paint was dry. I then painted that strip white. To save you some trouble, learn from my mistakes:

1. Before applying the tape to your nails, first put it on the back of your hand or somewhere to remove some of the stickiness (this is so that the tape does not mess up the taupe, and is especially important for those of you like me who are incapable of waiting long enough to let your nails fully dry).

2. Be sure to press down the tape so that the white does not leak underneath. 

3. Once you have finished painting, rip off the tape like a band-aid (grab it on one end and pull that sucker off fast!).

Then, obviously, I added a layer of glitter over the whole shebang...this is my favorite part!

Don't forget to clean up any messy areas with a Q-tip and nailpolish remover. All in all, although parts are pretty rough-looking (I really struggle when it comes to painting with my left hand), I love how it turned out. 

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