Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hard Rock

I like to sport a mixture of edgy and feminine. Whether it's one unexpected piece or a whole outfit based on blending the two, it is definitely my favorite com (sorry - combination - ...haha an old friend of mine took to shortening the word to it's shortest possible option, and it still makes me laugh). Anywho, we went to the Hard Rock restaurant/casino/resort/mini town thing (I genuinely am unsure what to call such a monstrosity) last week to celebrate a certain special someone's birthday. My first time at the mini town thingy! And let me tell you, it's probably the coolest mini town thingy anywhere. Unless they have a bigger version somewhere else. But anyway, it was awesome. And since it was for a special occasion, I wanted to look...well...special. So I pulled out some of my best edgy and some of my best feminine, and ended up with a look perfect for prancing around a mini town thingy (and celebrating someone's birthday). 

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