Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dress Up Diary

Once upon a time, somewhere, I read that us indecisivers should take pictures of outfits we like. That way, on those days when we swear we have nothing to wear (or when we are in a hurry), we can refer to those photographs to find an outfit. Pretty good thinking, huh?! So lately I have been testing this theory, and when I remember, I try to document outfits I like...

{a black romper, a leopard print cardi, and glitzy sandals}

{a patterned dress and a cross-body purse}

{a perfect running errands outfit: a comfy knit skirt and a simple tank}

{white jeans, loafers, an olive boyfriend-style shirt, and a fab leopard belt}

{leggings, a layering tunic, and a dolman-sleeve sweater}

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