Friday, October 26, 2012

Adding Some Fall-ish Charm

I'm already getting into the holiday spirit, even with the 80 degree days and complete lack of pumpkins, changing leaves, and crisp breezes. So I have decided to make my own fall (on a tiny budget) and surround myself in it. Now of course, you can just start consuming as many fall-inspired desserts and lattes as you can find. In fact, I'm dying to try out some recipes based around the obvious fall treat - s'mores. I decided, however, that fall treats were not going to be enough on their own, so here are some more (haha, s'more!) ways to fall up your life...

1. Burn some seasonal candles. These cute, cheap candles from Bath & Body Works have become my go-to method for upping my fall mood: Vanilla Snowflake, Leaves, 'Tis the Season, and Snowed In.

2. Change your look. Every year I find myself transitioning from the bright hues of summer to the richer shades of fall for my nails (I have a list of fall nailpolish colors here). And I'm pretty good about adding scarves and boots to my repertoire for quick updates. But this year I decided to take more drastic measures. So I darkened my hair a bit to get rid of that sun-kissed dirty blonde I had been sporting (I've posted hair dying tips and my new 'do here) and have switched to makeup in fall-ish shades, such as an array of purples:

3. Decorate. I made this cute mini garland the other day (instructions to come soon), and strategically placed it in an eye-catching spot (by some mirrors and the tv, of course!). It was incredibly cheap, pretty darn easy to make, and, thanks to some tunes and one of those candles, I had a blast making it. 

So there you have it folks. I'm sure I will think of more ways to add the charm of fall to my life (since fall and the approaching holidays are my newest obsession), so be sure to check back for new posts!

P.S. - Happy Friday! :}

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