Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Autumnal Lacquers

Helllo, fall! So glad you're here. I've missed you! 

Arg, autumn is seriously one of my favorite seasons. If it weren't for snow, it'd be my No. 1, easy. To show my giddiness that fall is here (even though there is no perceptible seasonal change where I am stationed...major UGH!), I've compiled a list of right-now nailpolishes to adorn my nails with as much autumn trendiness as possible. 

First, the color of the season: oxblood (not to mention the coolest name). It's everywhere...tops, bottoms, shoes, handbags, makeup... Everywhere! If you don't own anything in this super chic shade yet, and want to ease in to the trend, try some polish first.

Oxblood not your color? Or do you want to try as many trends as possible? Either way, try these: metallic (I like this rich metallic and glittery brown, but there are many to choose from!), navy, royal blue, and orange.

And finally, some tried and true basics that have become staples of my collection. Turn to golds, nudes, and blacks for always au courant looks. I like to also keep a good white on hand, both to use alone and for decorating.

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