Monday, July 30, 2012

Pretty Packaging

I'm in the process of moving away from what's been "home" for the past two years, and my place is a wreck. But it hasn't always been so.  

When it comes to my room, I believe everything should have a place, yet I like to have items such as nailpolish, bangles, cute little shopping bags and festive boxes on display. Apartment living and a college-kid budget as left me with little space to make my room a giant display case, an even smaller budget and no chest of drawers. Yet I’ve enjoyed decorating under such conditions much more than I ever have before. Here are some of my shining achievements of decorating success. I’ll reveal more ideas tomorrow, so be sure to come back.

1. the obvious: a jewelry box to hold secret treasures
2. a PINK gift box to hold headphones, chargers and iPod accessories
3. a little baggie, originally for extra bra straps, to hold my iPod
4. and a perfume box to hold spare buttons

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