Tuesday, May 21, 2013


When we first moved to DC, I HATED IT. HATED IT. But, I must say, DC has really tried hard to prove itself. 

I'm definitely starting to come around.

This past weekend we ventured into the Georgetown neighborhood ... while I had believed my boyfriend when he said it was pretty, I was still pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous old brick buildings, the fabulous selection of shops, the flowers along the sidewalks ... and just the general quaintness. I already can't wait until we go back, but until then, here are a few photos from what turned out to be a wonderful weekend.

{my Toms and I, out on another adventure}

{I overheard some people saying this was "a Georgetown staple" ...}

{... so we decided to try it out ...}

{... it had a nice, cozy, been-there-forever feel ...}

{... and quite possibly the world's most INSANE french toast!}

{in the end, we -- and our much-too-full bellies -- were grateful for all the walking. but who wouldn't be when you get to walk through such a pretty park?}

{and finally, a trip to the grocer that ended in one of my favorite purchases: fresh flowers}

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