Monday, March 25, 2013


Greetings! Slowly but surely I am starting to like DC. I still have no clue where I am 90% of the time when we are out running errands, trying to outfit our new apartment, or "exploring" ... but hey, I'm okay with it (so long as I have a GPS or a trusty boyfriend by my side). Here are a few of my most recent adventures and such:

{one of our new favorite past-times: hanging out in a Barnes & Noble to browse through whatever awesomeness we can find}

{I was FINALLY reunited with Bruegger's after a much-too-long hiatus, and I sure was not disappointed}

{I had an "informational interview" here... proof that networking can't go wrong if you meet at a super-cutely decorated coffee/sweets shop}

{a fun day of exploring on a beautiful day, and my first meeting with the Potomac}

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